Once again, a New Year has come with new opportunities, possibilities, and resolutions. For College Station SEO, it is a time to drive more traffic, convert more visitors, and improve overall web performance. Basically, the simplest way is to assess a website, check its strength, and work out any problems. If performance has not improved, it may be time to assess essential SEO elements weekly and improve website performance by formulating strategies to increase sales, boost ROI, and increase overall profits.

A new year means there are important weekly tasks to be done to increase the benefits of any marketing campaigns. Here are some items to consider to increase sales and drive organic traffic.

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools – Once a week log into Google webmaster tools to check for any issues that are happening. This tool provides the means to inspect indexing, organic search visibility, statistical data, and all diagnostics relevant to the actual website performance to determine and diagnose existing errors. Generally, this provides a means of viewing the entire website as seen by Google.
  • Check for Broken Links – A dilemma often faced with SEO in College Station are broken links that will really destroy search engine rankings. This involves the hyperlinks that normally direct to a web page but instead have a coding error that usually sends a user to a 404 error page. For this reason, it is essential to check and find broken links weekly and fix them to decrease the bounce rate so that all pages can be indexed by the search engines.
  • Fine Tune Title Tags – Nothing is more essential than well-written title tags, so it is also vital to fine tune them if there are newly added web pages. When a new page does not rank well on the search engine results pages, it is important to identify any errors again with a weekly inspection to ensure that all pages are can be properly displayed for a great ranking performance.
  • Update Meta Descriptions – Meta description tags no longer have much of an effect on rankings with search engines; however, they do have everything to do with appealing to human readers looking for specific information. The meta description provides a brief and concise summary of relevant content and essential information available on that page and should be periodically examined to see if a rewrite to appeal to a different audience is needed.
  • Check Google Analytics – Periodically check Google analytics to see which keywords are bringing visitors to the website; identify surges or gradual visitor drops; assess the bounce rate percentage; and determine the current conversion rate. Using Google analytics weekly can help identify website weaknesses and help choose the right actions to improve overall performance.

To have a more profitable New Year, SEO in College Station must be increased. With so many changes in online business this past year, it is certain to have affected any ongoing marketing campaign. The best way to cope up with such changes is to weekly check website performance and make necessary modifications. This provides greater chances of overcoming the competition in terms of internet traffic that drives leads, new opportunities and sales. This year, every effort must be made to keep SEO at the forefront of a new weekly effort!

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