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For web designing companies, time is money. Dealing with ineffective ideas takes up too much time. Prototypes are essential to make sure that website projects go in the direction clients need; however, even they can suck up time and other resources. Design sprints help web designing services quickly prototype and test ideas without wasting time and effort going around in circles.

What Is A Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a 5-day process that web design companies can use to help identify client and user needs via a quick prototyping process. The goal is to understand what qualities and functions a website under development should have, then quickly develop a basic prototype for testing.  

Using sprints, web designing teams can quickly develop and test ideas, then make needed changes just as quickly, keeping the prototyping process from turning into a never-ending loop of unanswered questions and time-consuming changes. Sprints help web designing services develop a clear map of the project so prototypes are more effectively developed and tested.

What Is the Sprint Process?

To get the most benefit from design sprints, web development companies must use a process that encourages quick brainstorming and decision-making in order to get functional prototypes tested. The map involves first learning about the purpose of the site, then using this knowledge to decide on what end goals the prototype must accomplish.

Using a strict 5-day process to accomplish specific, outlined goals, web designing teams can pool ideas, decide on a path, then follow it through as a complete idea to present to clients:

  • Monday - Client and customer research, project goal setting, and setting targets for the development of the sprint.
  • Tuesday - Development of site or application sketches inspired by the research done and goals set the previous day.
  • Wednesday - The team decides on a winning sketch, then develops it into a prototype storyboard.
  • Thursday - The prototype is built.
  • Friday - The prototype is tested.

At the end of this development and testing period, web designing services can go back to make any necessary changes, modify the prototype, then test again. In doing so, it is possible to fine-tune the prototype map in a shorter period of time while ultimately ending up with the same or better results than without using sprints.

Getting the Most from Design Sprints

The sprint process is one that is based on collaboration, quick thinking, fast learning, and the ability to quickly develop, edit, then test simple prototypes. Web design companies must prepare by setting up teams that include employees who can facilitate all of this within tight schedules. Customer testing must also be planned in advance.

Planning the sprint and arranging the needed expertise and assistance can take a few weeks, between setting up meeting times and spaces, arranging client and customer interviews, and gathering the supplies needed to conduct the sprint. Such supplies could include whiteboards and markers, sketch pads or plain paper, sticky notes, colored dot stickers, and even a supply of snacks.

With good preparation and an energetic web development team ready to collaborate, web designing services can get the most from design sprints and their overall process. Sprints make problem-solving and prototype finalization easier, allowing design teams to produce effective websites faster and less expensively!

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