Web Design College StationThere are constant changes in the way that handheld devices are used to visit various internet websites and web design College Station professionals must respond accordingly by updating internet pages to be compatible. Many potential customers access websites using desktops or laptops as well as with mobile devices. Because of varying screen sizes and platforms, a website must be compatible so that customers can access – and buy – no matter what platform is being used.


Web compatibility is one of the many challenges being faced in web design; however, it is also one of the most ignored marketing strategies. By definition, compatibility means as “the capability to exist with something else.” With this definition, a website is considered compatible if all pages functional properly and essential features operate equally with different browsers, operating systems, screen resolution, monitors, and screen sizes.

Compatibility is a potential threat to online marketers; with it, sales can continue as usual no matter what device is being used. Without it, potential customers may turn to a rival’s website that is compatible and offering the same products or services on the internet. It is critical that a website test its compatibility to improve user experience and be sure all features work well with all platforms, OS, resolution, and screen sizes.

Fluid Grids

Added to a cascading style sheet (CSS) is the use of fluid grids, an important technique used in creating flexible and responsive design. Having a web design College Station firm create a fluid grid is another innovation breaking the principle of a fixed width layout, which is commonly used for laptops and desktops. With a fluid grid, a website can be adapted to fit different screen formats; however, a responsive and compatible site goes beyond using flexible grids and deals with screen restrictions and how that can alter the overall design of a displayed page. All content must fit the various screen sizes and offer visitors a good experience, regardless of the mobile device being used.


If a website is not designed to be compatible with various mobile devices, loss of that flexibility will have a direct impact on company goals. Having a responsive design offers multiple benefits to both users and website owners. Users will experience a similar online environment no matter what handheld or desktop unit is used. Owners won’t have to have two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. With only one website available to mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets, a better marketing outcome can certainly be anticipated as well as the achievement of good page ranking, more traffic, and a higher conversion rate.

One of the most challenging website development issues is making it compatible with browsers as well as many handheld devices such as mobile phones, net books, and tablets that come in various sizes and resolutions. Not everyone has a computer; however, almost everyone has some type of mobile device that is capable of accessing the internet. To avoid any problems, web design College Station experts must create features that work on both desktop and mobile devices. Success can be achieved when website compatibility is not ignored; instead, a mobile-optimized site is designed to suit all potential customers, whether sitting at a desk or holding a mobile device. Get the message – don’t lose money by ignoring website compatibility!

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