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E-commerce web design is different than all other types of business website design. These sites have a specific goal to meet, which is to list products for sale and provide shoppers with an easy means of completing a purchase, as opposed to only providing information. Because of this, retail websites face a number of unique challenges that most other sites do not. Understanding the main design issues that affect e-commerce sites is the best way to determine how to increase website effectiveness.

Useful Website Layout

An effective e-ommerce web design should include attention grabbers on the main page such as design features, calls to action, and sale or discount notices. This is done to draw users further into the site. Location of the navigation menu and other important pages like the FAQ page, shopping cart link, and contact link should also be easy to find. All of this information must be provided in the least cluttered way or a visitor could get lost or become distracted. In addition, individual product pages need to provide enough information about each product to answer a user’s questions. It should be presented in a positive light to help prompt a purchase.

Efficient Website Navigation

Navigation in an e-commerce business website design is a critical factor and can present many challenges. Menus must provide categories and subcategories that are easily located and should be based on the way a user looks for products, making navigation more efficient. There must also be a way to accurately filter through many product pages so a visitor can fine-tune their search to find exactly what they need. In addition, there should  be an accurate search function that can help the user find specific products.

URL and Internal Linking Issues

Websites that contain a large number of product pages also need effective URL structures and internal website links so these pages can be found by the search engines. Custom URLs which include product names are essential for this to happen. Every e-commerce web design should include HTML and XML sitemaps, along with deep keyword linking in order to further aid indexing and improve search results.

Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways

Help users complete their purchases by providing convenient and easy to use shopping carts and a preferred payment gateway. There are many options available for both of these things. It is highly recommended that a trusted and well-recognized payment gateway be used so that shoppers will not have to think twice about using it. Use a shopping cart that allows easy adjustment at all stages and let shoppers continue shopping after they have visited the shopping cart. To be the most useful, the shopping cart should also be able to calculate tax and shipping charges and accept discount codes.

Website Security

New internet security threats pop up every day, so each e-commerce web design must provide reliable website security. This includes strong password protection for user accounts and secure payment gateways. Business owners must utilize the most current security software and prominently display this on their main page to maintain customer trust.

E-commerce business website design makes it easy for a company to sell their products on the internet. For this to be accomplished in a secure and effective way, a business must understand the main challenges such a website faces and how e-commerce website design must work around this. With a functional, safe, and easily navigated e-commerce web design, a business can grow their customer base while selling products online!

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