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Ecommerce websites are different than most other websites, requiring additional features that most others do not. The goal of these sites is to provide users with easy access to products and promote smooth sales. To ensure this happens, effective retail sites may require a custom web design that reflects the needs of both the business and its users.

Following are a few important features that ecommerce web design should always include to create functional, easy-to-use websites that are optimized and will improve conversion rates.

  • Obvious Brand Identity - Brand identity is essential for all businesses. To keep customers coming back, the company’s logo must be prominently displayed as a part of the custom web design to promote brand recognition.
  • Secure Login and Signup - Let site users feel safe by providing a secure signup and login with tips on how to create an effective login and password. Make security a priority and show users what has been done to promote website safety by displaying trust marks prominently on the homepage. Customer trust is essential for good business, which is best served by with secure ecommerce web design.
  • Featured Offers and Deals - Promote special offers and featured products on the homepage to alert users. Encourage sales by Including banners that tell users about free shipping and discounts that may apply to their purchases.
  • Search Box - Give visitors numerous ways to find what they are looking for. Besides an effective navigational menu, ecommerce web design should always include a search box to help shoppers find what they want quickly.  
  • Shopping Cart - Web pages that sell products need a shopping cart function. There are many types of shopping cart software that can be added to custom web design. Include one that helps users to easily shop, then get through the checkout process quickly to complete the sale.
  • Payment System Options - Provide a number of payment options in the shopping cart and display these options on the homepage. Use the globally accepted icons for the various credit cards and payment options so that users can easily see their payment options.
  • Easily Located Contact and FAQ - Don’t make users search for contact information, shipping information, or answers to common questions. Include links to this information on the homepage to facilitate website use and reduce user frustration. If live chat is offered, display this prominently as well as customer service phone numbers and links to a contact page.
  • Social Media Links - Another important feature that an ecommerce web design should have are links to the company’s social media pages. Customers can become followers and help promote what the company has to offer. Many purchases are made after users browse social media sites, so keep the website and social sites connected.

The custom web design of successful retail websites means implementing the right functions while helping users to easily find what they want. By making ecommerce web design user-friendly and attractive and by answering a visitor's questions and effectively catering to their needs, ecommerce businesses will see improved conversions by providing these important elements!

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