College_Station_SEOOnline technology and the virtual world are always changing. The past year saw several developments because of new market trends in the field of web design. As the year 2013 is starting with a bang, the world of web development and design is rapidly evolving. For College Station SEO, it is a year for online innovation, a time to change websites to improve appearance and performance and keep up with the latest trends.

This year is a time to revolutionize an online presence, making some updates to generate more sales and increase conversions, ROI, and profit. Below are some tips to consider when re-doing websites in 2013 that can achieve most business goals.

  • SEO Audit – Before a redesign, a thorough SEO audit should be conducted to discover any possible issues to be addressed as well as missing items to be added. A complete audit requires careful planning to be sure nothing is forgotten. An audit should include an analysis to cover accessibility, ability to be indexed, ranking factors for both on and offsite elements, and a competitive analysis.
  • 301 Redirects – A vital factor to consider during rebuilding is 301 redirects. This 3-digit code is used to signal search engine spiders that relevant content has permanently transferred to a new URL. When spiders see a 301 redirect, the page ranking assigned on the old one is transferred to the new one. This is particularly important for pages that are doing well with page ranking and online traffic.
  • Strong Content – The ultimate technique in business marketing to harness the power of the internet is with the web content. This is a powerful tool to build brand, entice potential consumers, and increase sales. When making changes, all content must be strong, intelligent and crisp. It should entice an online visitor’s interest and lead to a successful conclusion.
  • Internal Link Navigation – Organizing internal link navigation is an essential SEO in College Station task. During a redesign, all internal links must point to the targeted page so users can navigate the website correctly, establish an information hierarchy, and spread the ranking ability around websites.
  • Error Handling – The deletion of old pages will typical create a 401 error that will be found by users. To handle such a problem, redirect visitors to the home page that is clearly identified as such to avoid any confusion. Provide a customer error page to notify visitors as well as provide a navigation link back to the home page. Careful handling of this kind of error will help retain visitors.

Redoing or overhauling a website is much like creating a new one that looks good and has interesting content. When making changes, a welcoming appearance can be a good feature to encourage visitors to return; however, content is the ultimate feature as that is what attracts and retains visitors when the searched-for information is found, preventing a visitor from leaving if desired information cannot be found. Redoing a site is not a simple task, usually requiring help from College Station SEO experts to do the necessary work. So it is 2013 – don’t waste any time in getting a website re-do!

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