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One common challenge many web design firms deal with is collaborating effectively and efficiently. Collaboration is an essential factor in web design. Yet when a firm is not well organized or lacks good communication, collaboration efforts can actually hinder the design process rather than help it.

Enter Figma, a revolutionary web-based tool developed to help web design companies collaborate quickly, easily, and with fewer headaches. By using Figma, teams can better develop a website interface from concept to completion without the typical issues encountered when attempting to collaborate.

What Is Figma?

Figma is a web-based interface design tool developed to allow web design firms to collaborate in real time using an internet browser. It provides the benefits of a web-based program combined with those offered by cloud-based collaborative programs.

Figma offers simple and compatible multiplayer function to everyone on the web design team, so access is never a problem. By sharing a single URL, teams can login and work together in real time without the need to continually sync to the current version of the layout.

What Are Some Important Features?

In its short two-year history, Figma has been turning heads as a more effective tool for web design companies to simplify their interface development process which can reduce redundancy and costly mistakes. Some of the more notable features that make it such a worthwhile web design tool include:

  • Collaboration in Real Time - Figma’s most important feature is that it allows real-time collaboration for web design firms using a web-based interface. Projects are developed and updated in real time and can be shared using a single URL that does not change. This eliminates the problems of duplication and errors caused by working with an outdated version or disrupting original design files. Project leaders can assign editing permissions; different users and teams can be seamlessly working and updating at the same time.  
  • Cross-Platform Access - Figma is accessible by team members on any platform, any OS, and any device that can open a web browser. This capability makes collaboration easier for all team members, regardless of the devices they normally use.
  • Editing Tools and Team Libraries - Figma offers a wide range of built-in graphic, editing, and live-embed tools so there is no need to bring in elements from other editing programs. An immediate component override function ensures graphics and component files are immediately updated throughout the project. It also offers team libraries where graphics can be uploaded once, then accessed by everyone for use throughout the entire project.
  • Prototype and Feedback Capabilities - Other prime features Figma offers web design companies are the ability to build interface prototypes quickly and easily using all program tools and components, then test and gather feedback. Since it can be shared through a URL, anyone who is given access can provide feedback directly in the prototype for immediate consideration by designers and developers.
  • Developer Handoff - As teams are working on an interface, developers can view projects in code mode to immediately begin developing a site. Because the version seen by all team members including developers is the current and final version, there is no risk of using an outdated one. .

Bringing multiple minds together through collaboration is an essential part of web design. Figma is an interface design and development tool that gives web design firms collaborative function without all the problems. By using this new web-based program, web design companies can get their whole team involved easily and conveniently while avoiding the downside of collaboration!

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