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The main purpose of a business website is to attract viewers and gain customers. The way your website is designed is directly related to its ability to achieve that purpose. A good web design positively impacts user experience, while a poor design can generate negative results. Based on the factors listed below, is your web site design delivering the right user experience?

Attractive and Professional Look

The first thing that any person who visits your site notices is the way your website looks. It is important that a business web design be attractive and professional to make a good positive first impression or a user may leave before they even have a chance to look around.

A site should be built using modern and minimalist responsive design. It should incorporate good fonts, a pleasant color scheme, appropriate imagery, and include video or other multimedia effects. An effective layout that includes these important qualities is nice to look at and helps prevent confusion so users can accomplish what they came to do.

In addition, a web site design should include elements that identify your business and portray professionalism. Include testimonials, photos of staff members, information about offered products or services, security seals, and association or membership logos, and more.

Page Load Time

Nothing turns users away faster than a site with a slow load speed. To prevent this, you need a website design that is optimized for speed. Use white space as a design element, compress images, and limit or remove embedded autoplay media that slows page load time.


The best web design must also be easy to use, with clear prompts on how to get around. An easy to use navigation menu is essential, as are sitemaps and breadcrumbs, each of which provides ways to help users navigate the site.

Direction on what to do to browse and search must be obvious and natural. All functions like forms and shopping carts must work correctly. If users are left wondering what to do next or where to go to find what they need, they may get frustrated and leave your site.

Produces Conversions

Your web site design should be attracting users and getting conversions, which is the main goal of a website in the first place. Simpler designs with proper function bring more conversions than complex sites that leave users confused or do not function as expected. If conversions are not happening, it is essential to analyze the site to determine where you are losing users and what problems they are encountering.

It is important to understand that website design is an essential factor in providing a great user experience. When visitors come to your site, what they see and encounter as they use it is what creates user experience. Make sure your web design is appealing and professional plus works the way your audience needs. A web site design that delivers a positive user experience will work for you, rather than against you!

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