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A successful and effective website is one that serves the user’s needs. While this may seem like a simple idea, those looking at web designing often approach this idea backwards, placing the emphasis on offering certain functions without first determining what functions are actually necessary. To build a user-friendly website that serves the needs of target audiences, web site designing companies must first determine each client's website needs.

The Importance of Anticipating User Needs

When attempting to establish a vital internet presence, web site designing companies need to learn how to combine all the elements of function, appearance, optimization, and usability into one design. The more function a site needs, the more complicated it can be to create. Focusing on elements that serve little purpose in the target audience’s needs is costly and overly-complicates the process. Yet focusing on the functions the user needs and will use increases performance and effectiveness.

How to Anticipate User Needs

As referenced above, web design companies must first determine what their target audience needs and then implement that function into the design. This more effective type of web design produces greater results by providing a user-friendly site that is more likely to end in a conversion. Following are a few ways to anticipate user needs:

  • What Does the User Want to Do? - Decide what the user wants by learning why they initially visited the website.  Research that target audience and their website behavior to substantiate those reasons rather than making assumptions. While determining a user's issues, also consider website goals and how to bring the two together with direct web designing solutions.
  • What Solutions Are Possible? - An essential consideration for website design companies is what solutions and technology can they offer to solve a user’s problems. What ways can web design services distinguish themselves from other services? Rather than getting caught up in fancy bells and whistles as well as unnecessary and out of reach ideas that can become functional nightmares, design companies should determine the best and most straightforward way to solve a user’s problem.
  • What Are the Project Goals? - Setting design goals that solve problems is a great way to keep web designing teams on target. By documenting ideas and then deciding on specific goals for a project, achieving such goals without losing sight of them is possible.
  • Consider Different Ideas - Even after researching to predict audience behavior, it is always a good idea to test multiple ideas to solve the same problems. Monitor results to decide which solutions work best and then use those results.

The goal of effective web designing is to create an internet presence that is both attractive and functional, one that can easily serve both the user’s and site owner’s purposes. Since the owner’s purpose is usually served when a visitor connects to make a purchase, web site designing companies must never underestimate the importance of determining user needs first. A website that is easy to use and answers user questions is one that will achieve greater overall success!

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