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A fast, user-friendly website is an essential tool for every business that depends on it. As website designing trends progress, it is also important for website developers to keep up with all the increasing security features under development to promote safer website use. Fortunately, improving website development technologies address both site security and performance issues at the same time. Website development services looking to do both should already be implementing these valuable technologies.

HTTPS Encryption

HTTPS is the new web protocol that all website developers should be using to build websites. It is a protocol that automatically encrypts webpages, serving an SSL secure page to viewers. HTTPS encryption has quickly become the new standard for all sites, with Google using it as a ranking signal and user trust increasing.

Sites built on HTTPS display a "secure" icon and label in the search bar, while those that are still using HTTP display a "not secure" label. There is no question that website designing done using this protocol is more secure. Since it has now become a ranking signal, it can also affect site performance and how easily pages reach targeted audiences.

HTTP/2 Protocol

HTTP/2 is an upgraded version of the HTTP protocol that offers website development services a number of performance enhancements for their sites. It is a binary protocol that also compresses header information in order to serve pages faster. HTTP/2 also has the ability to analyze the need for site resources based on the individual user, then disperse those resources.

It also permits multiple simultaneous downloads per connection while prioritizing requests when delivering resources. Because HTTP/2 can only function on sites that use HTTPS, it is automatically a more secure website development technology.


Content delivery networks or CDNs are hugely effective for improving website performance. By serving pages from numerous globally positioned caches, website developers can ensure all users get the fastest and most functional use of a site. Using a secure CDN can also be a proactive step for website designing services who are seeking the highest levels of security while maintaining all the functionality that is still necessary since the best CDNs make use of the most current and secure technologies.

Advanced Image Compression Methods

Sites built on more secure HTTPS can also take advantage of developing image formats and compression methods that are showing promise. The newer Brotli compression algorithm and WebP image format, both developed by Google and already supported by Chrome and other popular net browsers, find newer ways to dramatically reduce image size while maintaining viewing quality. With an Internet world that is moving quickly to mobile-first, this means faster image loading on more secure pages.

These important website development ideas highlight the way in which website designing firms can increase both the security and performance of their sites at the same time. More secure protocols such as HTTPS pave the way for other performance-related technology designed to be used with it. By keeping up with these changes, website development services ensure their clients continue to benefit from secure, high-performing websites!

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