It has been determined that the first seven seconds of viewer’s visit to a website is very critical. Within this time frame, a decision is made whether to or not to continue. A great deal of design effort is invested in certain other parts of a website while the creation and optimization of landing pages is often ignored. In order to remain competitive in the internet market, it is important to focus on landing pages clarity and motivation. Following are some important points to remember to help an SEO in College Station effort.

Importance of Clarity

Some SEO in College Station experts have done in-depth studies using complex analysis and methodologies to discover what attracts viewers and readers. It was discovered that clarity is one of the biggest aspects that also directly affects conversion. Being clear means that a website can clearly communicate its products or services to a viewer within those few seconds. Below are three important aspects that must be considered:

  • Identify Location – Landing pages should let readers know exactly where they are. When a visitor clicks on a search engine result, a solution should be immediately displayed. If looking for a product, a clear path to that product should be there. Anything else will mostly likely cause a casual viewer to hit the back button and go back to the results list for another solution.
  • Encourage Decision – If viewers do remain attracted to a website, the next critical point is for a viewer to decide what to do – and such a decision will be almost instantaneous. It is vital to encourage that a decision should be made and further action is required. Again, clarity is the key to a positive decision here.
  • Provide Call to Action – Once a decision is imminent, it is vital to provide a clear call-to-action. The first two aspects listed hre can be easily used on landing pages; this aspect can be a bit more challenging. A well-designed call-to-action must be clearly displayed, making it very easy for a potential customer to click on to conclude a buying decision. Without this step, nothing further is likely to happen and that potential customer will be lost.

Landing Pages

To prevent confusion, a customer must immediately know the intent of a website through a single image or headline that is clearly visible and readable. A landing page is not deeply informative, allowing for time to consider the product or service and act later; a landing page must motivate a prospective buyer to make and immediate decision and provide a clear button or link to act on that decision.

Landing pages must clarify and motivate prospects to make a decision and take action on that decision. These two important aspects must be a vital part of any SEO campaign. It will surely improve marketing strategies and increase a company’s profitability by allowing website viewers to make an immediate buying decision!

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