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The most important tool that a business needs today to be competitive is a great website. Yet just putting up a business web design does not automatically mean that customers will flood in. When business web site design fails to get results, you need to look at some key issues that could be the problem. Consider the important tips below from business web designers and get your website working the way it should.

1. No Clear Statement For Purpose of Business

Success with business web design begins with attracting the right audiences and convincing them to take a closer look. This happens when the website provides a clear explanation of what the business does on the most basic level. A clear, concise, and uncomplicated explanation of what is being offered and how that offering can help the viewer should be provided. Your customers should be able to understand your company’s purpose with just a quick scan of the page without having to read a lot of information to make that determination.

2. Failure to Identify and Address Customer Problems

In addition to providing a clear and concise explanation of what the company does, it is also essential that a business web site design understand customer problems. Every searcher has a problem for which they are seeking a resolution, whether this is information, a product, or something else. Learn what your target audience is seeking, then show them how you can help. Skip the self-promotion, company history, and distracting news. Concentrate on the information that users came for.

3. Site Presentation Problems

Two of the main layout concerns that send viewers on their way when they hit your website are walls of text and use of the wrong images. Research done by business web designers indicates that users only retain about 28 percent of large blocks of text. This makes lighter, well-crafted copy that can be easily scanned more effective. Viewers respond more favorably to real photos of smiling people resolving their problems by using the offered product. Show customers how your product will work for them, not photos of you or your products.

4. Lack of Social Proof

New customers need convincing that their problems can actually be effectively solved. After showing customers how you can help them solve their problems, show them proof of how you have already solved issues for other people. Reviews, statistics, testimonials, and other evidence from outside of the organization provides important proof that what your business web design offers really works.   

5. No Clear Call to Action

Does your business web site design prompt users with what to do and where to do it? If you want visitors to make a purchase, you must provide bold, clear statements prompting them to click to buy or achieve a similar goal. When users have to search for the place where they can actually make a purchase, conversion numbers go down. Remind them on every page how easy it is to buy with a large, noticeable call to action that leaves no questions.

These are some of the significant and common mistakes that business web designers find detract from website performance and reduce business web design effectiveness. Fortunately, all these things can be easily corrected so your business web site design works the way it should in attracting visitors and promoting web sales. Once these issues are corrected to serve your customers, your website will begin to work the way it should!

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