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You depend on your ecommerce web design to help sell your products. So why is it not performing properly? There are quite a number of reasons why your ecommerce website design may not be as efficient as you need it to be.

Fortunately, most of these issues can be easily corrected by ecommerce web designers so your site will be more effective at attracting users and keeping their attention while bringing in the sales.

Does the Site Work Correctly?

Proper function is a big issue and one that you must consider when you see that the design of your commerce website is not getting the sales it should. Do the navigation and site forms work as they should? How about your shopping cart software? Is the site sending the right notifications to you and your customers? Do your users even know what to do once they are on the site? What about function on mobile devices?

These and many other technical issues can prevent even the most interested customer from making a purchase. You must extensively troubleshoot your ecommerce web design and look for problems in any areas that could be driving people away.

Unimpressive Product Pages

An issue that can prevent your retail site from generating sales is the design and substance of your product pages. Poor image quality, not enough images, and not enough product details may leave customers wondering what they will actually get.

Ecommerce web designers must address this by showcasing products with clear and quality photos taken at various angles. They should include as many details as possible to answer any questions a customer might have about the product.

Missing Information

Before they provide credit card details, buyers want to know they are buying from a company that is both reputable and transparent in all their policies. They want to see contact information and other critical details.

If your ecommerce web design lacks essential contact information, shipping rates, security details, and a thorough FAQ page, chances are customers may not feel confident in making any purchases with your company.

Complicated Checkout Process

Attracting buyers and getting them to the checkout is usually the biggest task in making sales. Be sure your ecommerce website design is not preventing the completion of any sales by being too complicated. Users want to check out in the simplest way possible.

If checkout requires multiple steps, involves a complex signup process, or is confusing in any way, you will see abandoned shopping carts.

Marketing and User Engagement

Making a sale means having an effective way of marketing to the right users. If you do not have much traffic on your site or product pages, re-evaluate your marketing campaigns and adjust your targeting as necessary.

If you are getting traffic and user engagement but have low conversion rates, ecommerce web designers must track user engagement to see where the process falls apart. This alone will tell you a lot about where the conversion process may be falling apart due to some of the issues mentioned above.

Although the things referenced above are only a handful of the reasons why your ecommerce web design could be affecting your sales, they are some of the more significant ones. Generally speaking, your ecommerce website design must provide the information your customers need and perform the way they need it in order to convert traffic and generate sales.

Troubleshoot your non-productive site with experienced ecommerce web designers who can monitor your site’s performance and systematically test for the things that may prevent sales. Once they are corrected, your conversion rate should climb!

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