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As mobile apps continue to play a more important role in online business success, web development companies must consider the ways these applications differ from standard websites. One important consideration is the way effectiveness and function are measured by app analytics and why they must be measured differently than website analytics. To be successful with any app, website development services must find better ways to measure mobile analytics to gauge the program and any modifications it may require.

Understanding Analytics

Simply stated, website analytics is the study of how users actually use a website or in this case, a mobile app. Analytics tells web development teams which users download and use a program as well as what they do and do not do with it. This information can show developers if a program is performing as desired; if not, it can help pinpoint what needs to be fixed.

What Mobile Analytics Should Be Tracked?

Whether using Google Analytics or some other program to track this information, website development services need to pursue the right things to get an accurate view of how their apps are being used. Following are some features that should be tracked:

  • App Events - Designate specific events, such as downloading and app installation, adding a record and other important interactions to indicate varying degrees of use. Track these events using analytics. Use the resulting values to determine the percentage of users that are performing each of the various events. This should provide some valuable insight into what those who download a program are actually doing with it or even using it.
  • Event Funnels - By combining multiple events into event funnels, web development teams can also track results based on specific advertising campaigns or even new app changes. Event funnels allow developers to see results in real time the way users react to these changes or new campaigns.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Besides events, website development services should identify specific performance indicators and track these as well. This will provide a more detailed view of users, actions, and whether the app is achieving its purpose and use goals.
  • Demographic Data - Developers should also be tracking demographic data to identify and study users. Following user demographics is must be done to determine if the app has been developed to function how the target audience needed it to function as well as to answer other similar questions.

How Analytics Promote Better App Development

The goal of analytics is to understand the user and learn how to adjust app development to facilitate use and create a more productive and desirable program. Standard analytics used with mobile and desktop websites may not offer a detailed enough view of program use and function. Yet when tracking analytics the right way by using functions specifically relevant to mobile apps, a development team can more accurately look at how these programs are functioning, plan necessary edits, then monitor changes.

Tracking essential analytics is critical to all websites during web development, including mobile applications. Accurate tracking of analytics with mobile apps simply requires a slightly different technique in order to gather the right data. While measuring app events and designated KPIs, website development services can easily track essential data that will help guide development for greater success!

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