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A premium quality web icon is an essential network element, as these tiny graphics do much more than just look cute. Images used in web designing promote brand recognition, which makes them an important part of effective online marketing. So how do website designing firms develop the best, most functional and eye-catching graphics for their sites? Consider the following three main attributes that attractive icons should include.

Icon Recognition

The purpose of every icon is to be recognized. In this case, recognition must be viewed as two-fold by first understanding the image, then recognizing it in terms of brand association. When users can recognize the image without having to question it, it is much easier to then associate that specific graphic with its brand or purpose.

A recognizable icon should be unique from all others, while still being associated with the brand or idea it represents. Recognition and uniqueness also extends beyond a single image and should apply to the entire set of icons used by website designing firms on each individual site. This way, even though each graphic used in the network design will be different, it will also include the same key elements that make the set of images unique from those on any other page. This uniqueness combined with elemental similarities results in the best recognition and understanding.

Good Form

Recognizable and useful icons are simple designs that are distinguishable in all sizes and on all devices. Simplicity is key, since more complicated graphics stand a greater chance of losing their basic form. Therefore, the form should start simply, as a sketch of basic shapes that combine to create the icon. Beginning with these basic shapes, the design can be refined until the shapes become understandable as the required image without the addition of so much detail that scalability could be affected.

Visual Harmony

To achieve the best levels of recognition with simple icon design and form, all graphics in a set should be created by design firms using the same methods. By incorporating the same rules to each graphic that will be used in the pattern, images will be understood according to their individual purpose and as part of the entire set. This kind of aesthetic unity ensures that all graphics have the same look and feel and are understood as a part of brand representation. Artistic treatment that carries through an entire set of icons with everything from line width and angles to basic shapes and colors creates the best  and most effective visual harmony.

Designing a set of attractive and effective icons is no easy task. These images must be recognizable in both form and function in order to best serve their purpose. A great way to start out is to consider the importance of image recognition in its various contexts and how a design firm can achieve this recognition with good form and harmony. The result will be a set of icons that promote the brand and provide other essential user information, increasing site effectiveness!

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