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To create the best website for their needs, a person can choose between a site built from a template or custom web design. Templates are popular as they are inexpensive and provide owners with a cost-effective DIY solution, at least in the beginning. Yet many people often learn after the fact that their template website is not the solution they needed. Before investing time and money in a template website, consider the following reasons why custom web site design may be a better choice.

Appearance and Uniqueness

The first impression of a website is critical, as it is this impression that controls whether a viewer clicks further on the page or clicks off. While there may be some beautiful templates available, do they portray the brand’s image and message in the right way? Can they be adapted so the site will look different from every other one that uses the same template?

Many template sites are easy to recognize and do not look like they have a custom design, which is something that could reduce the positive impression a brand is seeking. For the most unique looking website constructed according to an owner’s specific desires and their specific message, custom design usually stands out as the better option.

Function and Effectiveness

Template websites are built to provide the most common functions so they can fit many basic needs. Since every business or organization has different needs, they need a site that meets those needs and functions most effectively. Templates force owners to structure their website according to the limited functions that are built into the template.

This is the exact opposite of effective custom design, which should always be based on the functions required to be the most effective. A specific design allows owners to incorporate the functions that will enhance a user's experience to improve brand reputation, conversions, and ROI.

Scalability and Customization

The ability to customize a website is an essential factor that is necessary for building the most effective internet presence. Beyond the need for individualized function, a webste should also be adaptable in all other aspects as well. This includes appearance, layout, interfaces, optimization and other critical elements that combine to create an effective site. It must also be scalable as the organization grows. This will allow fast and easy modification and the addition of functions and tools that may become necessary in the future, even if they are not needed now. Most templates are limited in how they can be changed along or scaled, making custom design the better choice.


Security issues continue to grow every day. Websites security must be a high priority for all owners. As security risks and the technology used to thwart them continues to advance, web sites must be continually modified to that effect. A tailored web site provides the important ability to easily keep up with that advancing technology, removing the risk of attack by malware or other threats.

Although a template website may seem easier to start out with, that convenience seldom continues. Most templates quickly become obsolete and unable to provide the necessary options of a custom web design. Businesses and other organizations must understand that their website is one of their most important advertising tools. A custom web site design built specifically to serve an organization’s individual needs is the best solution for great business website performance!

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