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When building a website for your business, one of the first decisions you must make is whether you need a custom web design or if a template site is sufficient. Custom website design can cost more than template sites, so cost is usually a major factor in this decision.

Of course, your choice should not revolve solely on cost since your site’s ability to achieve business goals must also be considered. Before deciding a template site will work for your company, read on to see why working with custom web designers may be a preferable choice.

Establishing Your Brand

One of the most important jobs a website must achieve is to give your business a way to connect with users to establish your business identity. Brand recognition can be determined in many ways, including the use of design to create emotion, consistency, and the function that your specific users need.

While this can be done using a template design, a custom web design without the editing restrictions of templates can achieve this both faster and easier. A custom site begins with a clean slate, giving custom web designers the opportunity to build the site according to your needs. When using a template, designers are often restricted in how they can modify your site. This may only let them build a site close to your needs without meeting them completely.

Providing A Better User Experience

Based on the modification limitations mentioned above, the user experience provided by a template design is often affected as well. A custom website design can be planned from the start to include all the functions you need so your users will have the best experience. Designers can easily cater to a variety of business and customer needs when building a site from scratch, rather than trying to fit function into already existing code.

Continually Improve and Expand

When you invest in a custom web design, you also invest in your ability to continually improve and expand the site as necessary for business needs. A custom website design will always allow you to include more and better function as your business grows and serve users more effectively. There are no limitations to make a site everything you need it to be, other than the skills of the chosen custom web designers.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most limiting factors when working with a template design. Because of this, you may need a complete redesign if your template cannot be modified and improved to function as required. This means the ability to function properly on different devices, implement third-party software, and offer security against increasing cyber threats.

Before you opt for a template because it seems more affordable, think about what you are really getting by skipping custom web design. Even though a template may seem more affordable and can be set up faster than a custom website design, chances are you will sacrifice much more in the long run.

Between limits on function, the inability to customize sufficiently to build your brand, and no way to improve the website so it continues to serve your needs, any money savings will be short lived. Instead, it may be better to work with custom web designers who can help you plan a simple site that fits your budget today, yes provides all the options needed for future growth!

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