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Every business needs an effective custom website to reach their audience. Yet the cost of custom web designing can be prohibitive, especially for small businesses. A great option for affordable web design is a WordPress site. WordPress has become one of the most popular website platforms in use today and for many important reasons. Best of all, it gives small businesses many of the features of a custom designed site at a fraction of the cost.

Easy Blog Integration

WordPress began as a blogging platform many years ago and has since grown to be a complete content management system and website platform. The blog integration is built in, or to be more accurate, the blog features can be extended to work as a fully functioning website. There is no need to keep a separately hosted website and blog, which makes generating and managing blog posts very effortless to do.

Automated Security Updates

Website security must always be a prime concern for a small business. One of the many important benefits of using WordPress for affordable web design is its integrated and automatically updated security features. This takes the need to keep up with software and code updates out of the business owner’s hand, providing a more reliable and convenient solution for website security. With automatic safety updates provided by WP developers, any site that has been built using WordPress is always up-to-date against the latest threats.

Built-In Optimization Features

WordPress also provides a number of optimization tools and features for site owners, making it easier to get their website seen by search engines. SEO can be complicated; however, on a WordPress site built from optimized code, basic web designing for SEO is simpler than many other options. Getting the most from these built-in features only requires a little learning in terms of how to most effectively optimize posts and pages.

Standard Web Code

One common downfall to more complicated custom web designing is that each designer may use their own coding techniques, making it more challenging when website changes are later needed - and that will happen with every website at one time or another. WordPress uses standard web coding that is easy to use and easily modified by any other site developer. This means that a small business looking for options in affordable web design will not end up having to pay someone to completely redesign their site in order to make modifications. Almost every website designer knows how to work with WordPress. In addition, since WordPress code is open source, there are many plugins available with the system to increase function.

A Great Track Record

WordPress also provides business owners with a proven content management system that has been used to generate countless websites for more than ten years. WordPress continues to advance in function and features because there are many developers who contribute to the progression of this open source publishing platform. It is a perfect solution without the restrictions of template sites. For the business in need of a reliable, yet affordable option in custom design, WordPress is a great tool.

Although custom web designing may be feasible for larger organizations with larger marketing budgets, small businesses need functional, yet affordable web design. The best option to satisfy both of these needs is a site built on the WordPress platform. These sites are easy to develop, easy to use, and include many extras that can simplify the design process from start to finish. WordPress gives every small business the benefits and function of a more complex custom website, but with the cost-effective simplicity of a blog!

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