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In this day of increased data theft and website breaches, most site owners are aware of the need for heightened website security. A VPN or virtual private network is one element of security used to keep your information private. Chances are that even the web designing company who built your site has alerted you of the need to use a VPN, especially for business purposes. The question is, do your web designers also use one? The need for online security starts the moment web designing services begin working for you and handling your company’s private data.

What Is A VPN?

A virtual private network or VPN is an encrypted server through which you can connect to your internet service provider’s servers. The VPN acts as a security wall filtering all data moving back and forth between your ISP and your devices, encrypting it as it passes through.

How Does A VPN Protect Your Website?

VPNs can be an important part of maintaining the security and integrity of your website from the point where web designers begin to build it to its everyday functions. When you use a VPN, you gain two very important benefits that protect your website: your business and your customers:

  • Privacy - A VPN conceals online activity and makes it impossible to identify a specific ISP or physical location.
  • Security - A VPN is instrumental in preventing hacking that could result in access to your company’s private and critical data. This type of security is essential and should be used both by you and your web designing company.

Why Your Web Designers Need A VPN Too

Anyone can be hacked if their servers are unprotected. Web designing services are no exception and could even be hacking targets. Why? Because whether they are building a new site, upgrading a current one, or doing some kind of site maintenance or repair, web designers have access to a company’s important data and the inner workings of the entire website. A leak of this private information, no matter how it happens, could be devastating for a company.

While no VPN or any other means of security is 100% hack-proof, with hackers seemingly getting smarter every day, it is still one of the best lines of defense for keeping business data out of the wrong hands. Even if someone is successful at hacking a site, they can only retrieve encrypted data, which is useless to them.

This easily illustrates why it is so important that website owners confirm that any web designing services they decide to work with use a VPN. Any reputable web designing firm that takes its clients seriously and understands the importance of confidentiality and the protection of their data will be using one.

Do your web designers work with the protection of a VPN? Most likely, they are. A web designing company can only stay in business by pleasing its customers and protecting customer assets working for them. Yet this is still an important question for business owners contracting with web designing services to ask. When it comes to online security including the use of a secure VPN, the old saying "do as I say, not as I do" is simply unacceptable. You may want to find a new design service if the answer is no!

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