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There is a lot of competition on the Internet today, especially for businesses selling retail products. Getting sales involves more than just listing them on a website. For the greatest success, businesses need an ecommerce web design with functions that will suit their needs as well as the needs of their customers. But what constitutes a great custom web design for ecommerce? Consider the following important tips that web design research suggests could increase sales.

Display Trust Marks and Website Security

With the amount of identity theft occurring today, people are concerned about the security of their information. Research has shown that nearly half of all customers will forego making a purchase from any site that does not display trust seals. Customers want to know that the sites they deal with are secure and use the most recognized website security and payment functions. Therefore, businesses should prominently display their trust marks and security information on the home page and elsewhere within their custom web design.

Colors Affect Conversions

Believe it or not, the colors used in an ecommerce web design can affect sales. Studies done on various demographics suggest that men and women respond differently to the colors used on a sales website, as do various types of audiences. Color influences mood factors, trust, and site authority. As a result, some shoppers may be more or less inclined to make a purchase simply due to the way these colors affect them on a subconscious level. There are many studies showing how the use of color can influence site interpretation and use. This means that getting the color right is an essential part of ensuring retail success.

Display Reference Pricing

Everybody wants a discount if they can find one. One of the best ways to show customers that they are making a purchase at less than retail rate is to include the retail price in the product listing, along with the actual selling price. Even if the selling price is not the lowest price available on the internet, the perception of discounting is very effective for generating higher sales. It is also a very simple format addition that can be made to any web design.

Personalize Showcased Offers

Ecommerce sites with a wide selection of products can do well in their ability to serve the needs of many customers. Yet sometimes all of this choice can interfere with decision making. Overwhelming shoppers tends to work against sales, rather than for them. One effective and proven way to increase sales is to utilize personalization within the web design. This means that shoppers will see a limited number of products that fit their needs based upon search history and previous activity. Then the user can dig deeper to see the full selection, if they prefer.

Add A Blog

Today, blogging has become one of the most influential sales tools available, as blogs provide relevant, interesting, and sharable information. Every business, including retail sites, should have a blog built into their custom web design to engage viewers, post content to social media, and raise interest in the site and its products.

The basic function of any ecommerce web design is to act as a place where customers can search for products and then complete a purchase transaction. Forging ahead of all the other retail sites out there means realizing that even the smallest web design details can motivate customers and affect sales. The right custom web design that considers the important points referenced above can be instrumental for retail businesses striving to make the most sales possible!

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