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Today’s streamlined web design is much different than the busy, cluttered examples of the past. Current network composition focuses on simplicity and responsivity, two essential elements for creating websites that are attractive, functional, and effective. Achieving this does not have to be difficult, so long as web design companies understand one basic principle - that less is more when it comes to creating the most effective websites today.


Rather than trying to put all kinds of unnecessary functions into a complex website, a simpler layout allows design companies to concentrate on the functions that matter most. Inundating the user with bells and whistles is less effective than providing the carefully prioritized function that is really necessary.  Build sites according to what users need and how the network is expected to perform, making these elements work in the most attractive ways.

Clarity and Easy Functionality

A straightforward, yet successful web design should clearly portray the purpose of the site and what users can find within it. By implementing concise, even somewhat conservative elements, developers will ensure that users have few problems understanding the content or how to get around the network. Easy, comprehensible content and navigation promote a positive user experience, improving conversion rates while reducing lost traffic due to confusion and distractions.

Appreciate Simple, Classic Design

Gone are the days where good web design was loud and busy, frequently overwhelming the viewer. Today’s simpler, more responsive layouts are more reserved, while still being stylish and attractive. White space is an essential artistic and functional element, as is the use of color, type, and imagery. Timeless, classic layouts with uncomplicated navigation that is tailored to the message offer greater visual appeal than those that leave the user wondering where to go and what to click on next. Simpler, more classic layouts rarely go out of style, either.

Better Planning Means Less Time Designing

Although a simplistic composition does require considerable initial planning, design companies will spend much less time building and maintaining these type of websites. There is less actual planning involved and less time spent trying to force unnecessary elements together when the main priority is only to present content in the simplest way possible. A well-planned, simplistic web design costs companies less to develop, while providing all the necessary functions. Most importantly, be sure to take enough time with the planning and layout process to determine the best way to combine all essential elements. Simplistic layouts are simpler, but they still should not be rushed.

Create A Simply Beautiful Plan

Above all, while considering the many ways to keep a layout simple, yet functional, remember to also make it beautiful. Visual quality is still a main concern since first impressions speak loudly when it comes to attracting the user.

As search engines continue to become more complicated and web design evolves with them, design companies are learning one thing - that simple, functional, and responsive layouts generate the best results. A clean, uncomplicated pattern that is customizable and attractive, without the heavy code and unnecessary extras that distract users and reduce effectiveness, is what people want. Web design companies will get the best performance from sites by keeping these basic ideas in mind and developing sites with a “less is more” outlook!

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